Thursday 1 December 2011

Advent 2011: Door 1

To recap (for new readers; old readers; readers like my brother who tells me I haven't blogged for six months but then it turns out he hasn't read my blog for six months - which is different) the inaugural Advent Project in 2009 was a great success, the Advent Project of 2010 was a mess, the Advent Project this year is going to try harder.  Behind each door will be a hint, as collected by me over the past two and a bit years of being a Lady Traveller.

Today we have three hints rolled up in one, which is: be more Lady-like.

Hint #1
"Fabrics should be the best you can afford because they stand up to hard usage without crushing or creasing..."  The Lady.  Travel Clothes by Alison Settle.  13th February, 1917

Hint #2
All lady travellers, actual or would-be, should jump to The Lady Magazine's website for hints of this nature and other gems from ladies, past and present.  (It makes such excellent sense for HTLT to link to The Lady that I don't know why I didn't do it before now.)

Hint #3
This link to The Lady (I enjoy alliteration very much) was prompted by my reading, yesterday, on a plane, Rachel Johnson's A Diary of The Lady about her first year and a half as editor of this legendary magazine.  I used to pass by The Lady's office in Covent Garden and marvel at the preserved-in-aspic covers displayed in its windows.  (And also make up Mills and Boon-inspired stories about answering an ad in the Lady, which would eventually result in a Brilliant Marriage and custody of a Great House somewhere (on reflection, perhaps more Barbara Cartland than Mills and Boon.))  Anyway, the book is very funny, an excellent companion on a journey and also confirms that people in real life do actually speak like characters in a Jilly Cooper novel. 

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