Friday 2 December 2011

Advent 2011: Door 2

Hints to Lady Travellers has a train theme going today (swing by later for more) so it is only appropriate that the Advent calendar feature a hint on train travel, from no less a person than our spiritual guide, Lillias Campbell Davidson.
"Conciseness in asking for one’s ticket is also a virtue much appreciated by one’s fellow-strugglers at the open window. ‘One first, monthly return, Euston, please,’ is likely to strike the listening ear of a waiter for his or her turn as a considerably superior effort of English to, ‘I want to go to London – Euston Station please. Will you kindly give me a first-class ticket? I should like a return ticket, a monthly return ticket if I can get one. You do issue monthly return tickets, don’t you? I know they do by some of the lines. Or are return tickets on the line only available for a week?"  Hints to Lady Travellers; iv. Booking Offices
Amen, sister.

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