Tuesday 20 December 2011

Advent 2011: Door 20

The new edition of British Vogue (January 2012) is themed on escapism and has a delightful article about how (and where) Vogue travelled, back in the day.

(I have been dreaming about this outfit all week.)

The piece is full of hints from the archives like, "You may indulge in pyjamas and evening dress in your off moments, but on occasions of stern necessity you will thank heaven for shorts and shirt."

But I think the real lesson is that we could all travel a bit more elegantly - even if today's long haul travel is the shorts and shirt alternative to the more glamorous pyjamas of the past.  (Did I kill that metaphor completely dead, d'you think?)  This lady (Mrs Norman Parkinson in a photo by Norman Parkinson entitled The Art of Travel) is my new role model.

(The Art of Travel by Norman Parkinson, via piccsy.com)

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