Thursday 22 December 2011

Advent 2011: Door 22

According to Lonely Planet, one of the hot travel trends for 2012 is 'collaborative travel' - or, as they put it, the kindness of strangers.  I have commented on this before, but my travels have been greatly enriched by the kindness shown to me by strangers all over the world, many of whom became friends in the process.

Today's hint is to point you to two examples of collaborative travel:
The City of a Thousand Welcomes project matches visitors to Dublin with locals happy to have a cup of tea or a pint with them and introduce them to the city.
Vayable gives locals an opportunity to market an experience (a Vespa tour of Paris by night, for example) to travellers, offering a unique insider's perspective.

Apart from these examples of organised collaboration, when travelling it is always worth asking friends and family if they know anyone at your destination.  The letter of introduction (even if it's an email instead of paper and ink) is a great institution - like the visiting card, I think it should be brought back into fashion.

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