Wednesday 7 December 2011

Advent 2011: Door 7

Welcome to Door 7!

Magazines are always running features on what to carry on board to make your long-haul flight more bearable.  (They tend to interview supermodels and so the answers run to cashmere scarves, rose water,  own spoon for the 1st class caviar - that kind of thing.)

A while back I posted about my top tip for long flights - a thick pair of socks.  But I'd like to add to the list.

First of all, the best carry-on bags have wheels.  I own a lovely soft weekend bag but fill it up with all of the things I need for 24 hours and it gets uncomfortably heavy to lug around airports.  Also, bags with wheels tend to be sturdier and can go in the hold if necessary.

In my carry-on I pack all my gadgets (camera, laptop, phone), a change of clothes and these essentials:
  1. Thick socks
  2. A scarf or blanket of some kind (cashmere is nice, but not necessary.  Bear in mind that you may well want to wash it after it's been wrapped around you for the duration of the flight.)
  3. Eye mask and ear plugs (no longer standard issue in economy; make all the difference when trying to sleep on a noisy plane)
  4. A kindle / e-reader 
  5. A trashy magazine to read when your e-reader has to be switched off at take-off and landing - bonus is you can leave this on the plane
  6. A water bottle (bring it through security empty, then fill it up from a water fountain - most airports have these.  Alternatively - but less eco-friendly - just buy a bottle once through security.  You will be grateful for your own water when you wake from a fitful sleep with your tongue glued to the roof of your mouth and find egress is barred by the enormous - sleeping - man sitting in the aisle seat.)
  7. Some paw paw ointment (works as moisturiser, lip balm and first aid for all owies.)
  8. Make-up or baby wipes

Obviously you will include any other must-haves like glasses, contact lens cases, medicines - but toiletries can be kept to a minimum since airlines do stock the basics like toothbrushes.

I realise this list is sadly unglamorous.  But, then, the sad truth is that flying is DEEPLY unglamorous for most of us.  All you can do is lie back, watch trashy movies and dream of your destination.

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  1. LTLS (and AN's Aunt)7 December 2011 at 13:25

    I think the adorable nephew (original version) would endorse the paw paw ointment as most superior among pharmako.