Friday 2 December 2011

The Cote d'Azur Express

The TGV slows down on the Riviera so that the train journey from Nice to Aix is actually relatively slow.  But this means you have all the more opportunity to admire the view.

As advertised, I was in 1st class, the main benefit of which is the wider seats and quieter carriages.  I had a lovely time.

The train leaves Nice,

passing the Hippodrome de la Cote d'Azure,

many beach clubs and palm trees,

not to mention yachts.

It calls at Antibes, Cannes,

and St Raphael.  The coast gets rockier (fewer yachts),

then the train curves inland for a while, leaving the sea for the colour-saturated hills and fields of Provence and a stop in Les Arcs Draguignan.

Back to the sea for sunset near Toulon and on round the coast to Marseille.

It's dark for the last quick push to Aix, but when you get out the air smells of smoke and winter and your sister and two small boys come to meet you and a warm home awaits with hugs and wine and food.

That's the train from Nice to Aix.

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