Tuesday 13 April 2010

To a Lighthouse

Sunday's walk by the sea inspired me to dig out this homage to Edward Hopper, taken in Cape Cod a couple of years ago. I love lighthouses. In one of my favourite ever children’s books The Saturdays there’s an old lady called Mrs Oliphant who owns a lighthouse. It has been my ambition ever since I first read the book at the age of seven to be befriended by a kind, rich and interesting old lady (who had been kidnapped by gypsies as a child) and would invite me to spend summers in her lighthouse/vacation home.

My other ambition (dating from about the same time) is to write a book some day as good as The Saturdays. Elizabeth Enright’s books are funny, warm, real and elegant – as I imagine she was. (PLUS EXTRA BONUS TRIVIA: her uncle was Frank Lloyd Wright.) The books both smack of their 1940s setting and remain timeless.

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