Friday 16 April 2010


For today’s Official Hints Day post I was going to write about some of the excellent books by lady travellers (and a few men) I’ve read over the last few months.

But I didn’t get round to writing it yesterday and now I’m about to leave on a mini road trip (a rd tp?) with my little sister so, instead, today’s hint is a bit of a cop out.

It is simply a link to the home of the hint (or tip, they like to call it), so simple, so straightforward, so useful Time magazine, which selected it as one of the best blogs of 2009, calls it ‘a survival guide to the Great Recession. Lifehacker is a "Hints from Heloise" for the digital age.’

Ps or if you just want something pretty to look at, and, like me and about seven trillion other women, are obsessed with Michelle Obama’s outfits, go to

See, websites for everyone!

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