Monday 19 April 2010

Avoca & Ash Cloud Avoidance

It’s a conundrum: on the one hand, if the weather stays as sunny and lovely as it was all weekend, then we won’t want to leave.
On the other hand, if the weather stays as sunny and lovely as it was all weekend, then we won’t be able to leave. I may have to take a boat to go on my BIG TRIP (details to follow and no, I don’t mean the trip to Wales.)

Fuelled by our love of disaster films, we have been imagining Armageddon-style mercy missions to Iceland. As Luíseach pointed out, the best disaster films of recent years all feature black US presidents (Morgan Freeman for the win) so after Obama’s election it was really only a question of time before we had a disaster-film scenario.

But Friday’s adventure was less disaster film, more twilight zone. L and I headed south to Kilmacanogue, Co. Wicklow and the Avoca mothership. For the non-Irish readership, Avoca is what I think they call a lifestyle brand. They sell pretty things for the home, pretty clothes and pretty food – all a bit on the pricey side but, unquestionably, very pretty.

The branch in Kilmacanogue is obviously the destination of choice for the yummy mummies of South County Dublin. We arrived at noon and the huge car park was full.

Should we have heeded the signs?

We had lunch in the Fern House café which really is a lovely space – especially on a sunny day.

And then we browsed,


Browsed some more.

But we resisted temptation and bought nothing. Well, no, we bought a loaf of bread, a scone, a rice krispie square and a raspberry cheesecake brownie (which we got for €1 because it had an accident going into the box.) The best souvenirs are often edible, I find.

Luíseach fell for this giraffe:

And then we went looking for a dead president. That really does sound like something from a disaster film, but it was actually a rather lovely experience. Pictures tomorrow!

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