Wednesday 28 April 2010

Road Trip!

I am leading a very quiet life just at the moment, but next week I’m hitting the road again. This means fewer musings about cocktails and more posts about travelling. Unless, of course, I find any particularly special cocktails along the way.

Anyway, on Tuesday morning I’m taking the ferry from Dublin to Holyhead. Last year I managed to cure my fear of driving across the ramp onto the ferry, so am feeling quite relaxed about this.

Then I’m driving from Holyhead to Birmingham to collect my brother.

Then we’re driving to Dover.

Then we’re getting the ferry to Calais and spending a day meandering out way towards Paris. In my head, this means near-constant grazing on croissants, sandwiches and other yummies, but there might be an occasional sight to see too.

In Paris we have a quick turnaround – just time to pack up Cormac’s apartment and load it into the car. But I’m an old pro at this now.

Then we’re going to Caen, via Giverny, Mont St Michel and Utah Beach.

Then we’re getting the ferry to Portsmouth.

Then we’re driving to Holyhead to get one more ferry back to Dublin.

At least, that’s the plan.

1 comment:

  1. ahem. and who are you meeting along the way?