Tuesday 27 April 2010

Spring, Cocktails, Cherry Blossoms

Last night a friend and I drank bellinis and put the world to rights. This morning I’m still thinking about the bellini. It is a perfect cocktail for spring and Dublin is having a perfect spring at the moment: pink and white blossom, green shoots, mild weather – sun, even – and still light at half past eight in the evening.

This is the cherry tree outside my bedroom window. Inspired by the bellini and by spring in general, I’m thinking of creating a cocktail in its honour (I could write a poem, but the drink would be more enjoyable.) It should probably contain cherries of some sort but I don’t like cherry liqueur. Any suggestions?


  1. I think a little shoe-brandy would set it up nicely.

  2. Have you ever had Japanese plum wine (umeshu)? A glass of that, chilled, is like 'drinking spring' according to not usually poetic friend of mine, so I'd suggest that as a basis.