Friday 9 April 2010

Official Hints Day - Revived!

A few months ago I told you that, since this blog was nominally about hints, I should have, you know, actual hints on it. I decided, in my usual arbitrary way, that Monday would be Official Hints Day. But mostly on Monday mornings my brain hasn’t kicked in enough to remember this so it’s been a long time since we had OHD. But recently Friday approached me and asked if I’d consider giving it a trial in the role of OHD. Why not?

And today’s hint is a good one, courtesy of Robbie Honey, my multi-talented friend and ex-housemate. A couple of years ago, I moaned to him that my photos were never any good and why were they always blurry and blah blah moan moan. Robbie pointed out that professional photographers will take hundreds of photographs of something from which they’ll choose just one. His hint was to take lots and lots of photos and then edit out just a few really good ones.

It is no exaggeration to say that this has revolutionised the standard of photographs I produce.(Although credit must also go to the super-duper camera some VERY NICE PEOPLE gave me last year.)

Of course, it also means I end up with hundreds of photos – far more than will ever grace this blog, or even get seen by anyone other than me. So this morning, I decided to share with you a random sample of photographs taken by my camera in the last month.

An amusing frieze in Zurich:

A Japanese woman blending into her surroundings outside the Louvre:

An Easter centrepiece:

My feet:

A noteworthy Parisian street name:

A Martin Luther bear in Oberammergau:

Gregory, his bobble and me:

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