Monday 12 April 2010

Beside the Seaside

Yesterday, I implored my parents to take me to the seaside.
‘Oh please, oh pleeeease, won’t you take me to the seaside?’

Well, really, the conversation went more like this:

Eithne: I’d like to go to the seaside today.

Mama: Okay.

But I really did ask her if she’d buy me an ice-cream (if I was good).

It was a beautiful day. Of course, this being Ireland, people were wearing shorts, flip flops and, in a few cases, wandering along the beach in swimsuits.

Yes, it was a beautiful day but it was only 16° C. However, this is a well-known Irish phenomenon which comes as a result of our being starved, STARVED of sunshine for much of the year.

We walked from Sutton to Howth, and on the way saw:


children playing,



people having fish and chips and

seals. I overheard an American girl behind me saying 'this is the best day of my life.'

I did get my ice cream and, since I was feeling nostalgic for childhood trips to the sea, I had a 99 – vanilla ice cream with a chocolate flake. Not necessarily the best day of my life, but nonetheless an excellent day.

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