Friday 27 April 2012

Support for Lady Travellers

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A few years ago I was working on a project with some nuns.  One of the themes we discussed was the formal habit they used to wear and the conversation (somehow, can't remember exactly how) got on to the topic of nun's underwear - nunderwear, you might say.

(Hey perverts!  If you've found this blog by googling 'nun's underwear' I'm afraid you're destined for disappointment.  HOWEVER, I can offer you multiple posts on pretty dresses, thick socks, nephews and cultural differences.  No?)

One of the nuns told the story of entering the convent and being given her habit to wear.  In lieu of a bra, she was issued with some strips of cloth for binding.  Not long afterwards, her mother wrote to this young nun and asked if she needed any new underthings.  The nun had to think carefully about how to respond because letters were censored and any mention of brassieres and suchlike came firmly under the heading of 'Not Things We Talk About Here, Sister'.  Eventually she replied to her mother: Dear Mother, My needs are fully supported here at the convent.

Which brings me on to the topic of today's hint.  (I know you were wondering.)  I would suggest to lady travellers that when flying long haul they consider ditching their underwire bras.  Two reasons.  First, those pesky underwires have a habit of triggering security detectors.  Second, wearing one for 24 hours at a go really isn't very comfortable.  Instead, I recommend that you invest in a support tank.  You won't be unsupported (see! there was a link) and generally will be much happier when you arrive at your destination.

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