Tuesday 10 April 2012

Gratuitous Cuteness

I had planned to post today about a Lady Traveller but when I reread what I'd written it was, I'm sorry to say, really boring.  So until I figure out how to fix it, I thought I'd upload some photos of Ollie my goddog.  (I have a goddaughter, a godson and a goddog.  Ollie pointed out - via his mammy - that he is the only one to be a palindrome.  I said, confused, 'Ollie isn't a palindrome.'  He had to explain it to me.)

Ollie came to lunch on Saturday but he had a sad, sore paw and had to wear a cone so was a bit blue.  (But still extremely cute.)  No this has nothing to do with travel, but better photos of a sweet doggie than no photos at all.

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