Tuesday 1 May 2012

What I Wear When I Fly

Tonight, when readers in the Northern Hemisphere are going to bed - and readers in the Southern Hemisphere are getting up - I will be boarding a plane for Singapore, en route to Melbourne.

And here's what I'll be wearing - a travel outfit that's been honed and developed over the course of many, oh many, a long haul flight.

- A tank top (see last week's post on support garments.)
- A pair of black jeggings from Uniqlo, which combine great comfort (drawstring waist!) with practicality but look enough like trousers for my own comfort (I'm not huge leggings fan.)  Uniqlo.com have a good selection and very reasonable prices if you're interested in acquiring your own pair.  Black trousers are a good idea when you're going to be eating your meals out of tiny tin foil packets perched precariously on your lap.
- A sleeveless cashmere tunic with a long wool and silk cardigan over the top.  Breathable fabrics are better for comfort and lots of layers are also a good idea since the flight attendants seem to amuse themselves on long flights by playing with the temperature control.  On any flight you experience the spectrum from freezing cold to boiling hot.
- A scarf to wrap around me and double up as an extra blanket
- Cute flats which can stow away easily in the seat back

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