Tuesday 3 April 2012

View from the Black Cab

When newly arrived in London, whether as a tourist or a young Lady Traveller embarking on one's first Real Job, the temptation is to take the underground everywhere.  The advantage being that the stops are very clear and you don't have to struggle to navigate yourself around the mean streets.  A little experience teaches you that overground is much more interesting: I always felt (and feel) London is like a beautifully put-together shop window.  Always interesting things to catch your eye, no matter where you look.

Back in the day, I learned how the pieces of London fit together by walking everywhere.  A very rare treat was to take a black cab somewhere.  Yesterday though (and being slightly more solvent now than then), I indulged by getting a taxi from Chelsea to Tower Bridge.  It was a beautiful spring day and so I took some photos.

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