Thursday 5 April 2012

Girls Go Wild in Munich (no, not really)

I spent the weekend in Munich with three girlfriends.  It was a somewhat unusual girls' weekend in that three of the girls are in their thirties ... and one of the girls is one, my delightful god-daughter Milly.

What are the sights of Munich?  I couldn't really say.  Apart from the pilgrimage to remember Sophie Scholl, mostly we wandered and ate and ate and wandered - oh, and took naps, as when they were needed.  (See if you can spot the napper in the photo below.)

I did like the Munich habit of lining up seats outside cafes to face the sun.  One place had wooden deck chairs arranged in rows, all facing the beautiful golden Theatinerkirche.

The effect (especially with the red blankets people draped around themselves) was a bit like being on an ocean liner.

I discovered a new aperitif: Aperol spritz - Aperol (a little like Campari but not quite so herbal) with sparkling wine and water.

We discovered that it's verboten to feed the ducks in the Englischer Garten.  (There was a classic moment of English - German cultural division when Milly tried but was gently admonished by the police.  That said, the police were on horses, the excitement of which which made up for any sting.)

And we all remembered how good German breakfasts are (my friend Wiebke's favourite cafe is Cafe Schwabing.  Tell them she sent you.)

And ... that was the kind of weekend it was.  Simple pleasures, shared with good friends.

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