Monday 9 April 2012

Dirndls en Vogue

Did you know (I did not until my recent visit to Munich) that dirndls are back in style in a big way?

According to this article in the German news magazine Der Spiegel, 'Bavarian folk costume is experiencing a sales boom'.  All over Munich, we saw shops selling the traditional full-skirted dresses, to be worn over (extremely) low cut white blouses.  The aim seems to be to create a shelf of your bosom - handy for resting steins of beer on, I suppose.

My friend Wiebke confirmed that the locals all wear them for Oktoberfest and also at special occasions - she has two.  She also advised that the authentic look is the long dirndl - if you wear the mini skirt version, people will spot you for a foreigner instantly.

A dirndl won't come cheap: upwards of about €200 for a fairly basic version, with prices in the thousands for a hand-sewn dirndl made of silk.

If this seems too extreme, you can always make your own, using this handy-dandy Vogue pattern - I told you they were in Vogue.


  1. Dirndls are very fashionable, as well as just good fun. There are so many varieties, for festival as well as every day wear. Believe it or not, we do sell dirndls to people who use them as well as lederhosen for more than just Oktoberfest. As they say in Germany, Prost!

  2. Prost to you too, Bobbie! I have to confess to a secret wish for a dirndl of my own ... some day, perhaps.