Friday 16 July 2010

Sydney, By Sea

The first time I was in Sydney, back in 2001, my favourite thing of all the things we did was taking the ferry.

I think it’s still my favourite thing to do in Sydney. It’s only when you’re on the water that you truly understand that Sydney is defined by its relationship with the sea. Its two icons – the bridge and the opera house – face each other across the harbour.

On a slightly rainswept late afternoon, I got on a ferry at Circular Quay …

And if you need proof positive that I am where I say I am (or was where I said I was) here is Sydney Harbour Bridge:

The Sydney Opera House:

And the two together:

This is my attempt at a Turner-esque photo:

And this is the ferry station where I disembarked.

Unfortunately (and this was the only downside to what was otherwise a beautiful experience) I had got on the wrong ferry. Faced with the option of waiting an hour for another one, I ended up walking home. But I still love Sydney ferries.

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