Wednesday 28 July 2010

Christmas in July

A few months ago I wrote about my problems as a Northern-Hemispherer adjusting to the idea of Christmas in the sun. Christmas just didn’t feel like Christmas in warm weather.

Now I’m experiencing the reverse (or inverse?) problem.

The weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful, la la la la la la lah, Christmas must be just around the corner.

I’m wearing scarves. There’s a faint scent of woodsmoke, cinnamon and scented candles everywhere (or maybe just scented candles.) And people are doing this:

Where's the Baby Jesus? Where's Santa? Not for another five months, you say? Waaaaaah.


  1. Can you define a 'bogan' for me please. I'm reading 'The Slap', set in Melbourne - is the ratio of rude words in general speak similar to that in Dublin or Athlone and is it characteristic of the male of the species?

  2. is that what they call an ice-rink?