Monday 19 July 2010

Lady Bay

I have almost caught up with myself and soon, SOON, I promise I will be posting the news as-it-happens from Melbourne.


On my last day in Sydney, Simon and I went for a walk by the seaside: Camp Cove and Lady Bay, to be exact. This is the furthest tip of the city’s Eastern Suburbs, where the well-heeled Sydneysider hangs out.

This is Camp Cove, and if anybody out there would like to donate one of the houses overlooking this beach to Hints to Lady Travellers, I assure you I would be properly grateful. No?

As we walked, we saw dozens of yachts sailing round the bay.

Everything was very green and fresh, more autumnal than wintry. We got to Lady Bay Beach which, you'll see if you click on the photo, is actually a nudist beach. And yes, there were people swimming butt naked. And yes I did take a photo of one of them (rear view). And yes, he turned at an inopportune time which is why I won't be posting the photo. This is not that kind of website.

Here's me on the edge of the world:

And here's Simon, my neighbour from Oxford days, at Hornby Lighthouse. Next stop - well, New Zealand I suppose. Or maybe Tasmania.

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