Thursday 22 July 2010

Masterchef Australia

I’ve been in Australia for just over two weeks. Long enough to become addicted to the tv show everyone here is talking about: Masterchef. This is the truth I am telling you.

For anyone who watched the original, British, version of the same (which I love) the Australian version throws up some surprises. It takes the basic format (passionate amateur cooks who want to make a career in food have to cook their way through a series of heats) and mixes it with a blend of Survivor, Big Brother and Ready, Steady, Cook. The cooks have to live together (Big Brother), employ stealth and cunning (Survivor) and often cook the contents of a Mystery Box (Ready, Steady, Cook.)

This week is Finals Week with the big, grand final happening due to take place on Sunday evening. Do you know what else was meant to be happening on Sunday evening? A televised debate between the leaders of the two main political parties, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott. Guess which of these two television events had to be moved?

You have to love a country whose most popular tv programme (featuring duelling chefs) forces politicians to change their schedules.

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