Monday 5 July 2010


My sister sent an email saying that Gregory (the adorable nephew) was going to Greece to swim with the pishies.

It made me laugh, and also made me dig out these photos of pishies I've been taking with Gregory in mind. I don't know if he'd like the enormous carp in all the ornamental ponds, or if he'd be a bit nervous.

Here are some pishies swimming on the ceiling of the Australian pavilion at the Shanghai Expo:

Here are pishies in the centre of Shanghai. I call this one Swimmin' in the Rain.

Here are lots of colourful pishies:

And here, pishy meets duckie:

Hello pishie.
Hello duckie.


  1. Do you know why Japan is full of those pishies? Carp pishies, to be exact. Mosquitoes like stagnant water , and Japanese people like ponds. But Japanese people don't like malaria, which is what you get from mosquito breeding ponds in nice humid countries. So if you have pretty pishies in your pretty water features, they eat the unpretty mosquitoes and their evil babies, and then no one gets malaria, which is why they haven't had a malaria epidemic in Japan (even though the conditions are perfect for it) since about the 17th century.

    Pishies save mankind. Isn't that nice?

  2. The shoal of colourful pishies makes me nervous, those oversized little snouts poking up looking for whatever, as did the 10 grossly corpulent seals in Howth harbour yesterday, lolling on their backs, noses in the air waiting for handouts (of a totally different species GK. The fish shops will sell you a bucket to feed them, complete with disposable glove.

  3. Will LT be posting 3 times a day from now on? We missed you on the airwaves if you know what I mean

  4. Just a note it is 22:46 on the 5th here - I don't know what time it is in Japan - 10:46? A little odd being so far behind that we're practically speaking on different days. Just to emphasize that - I say night night, you say good morning.

  5. Mammy don't be mean about the pishies. They want only love. And maybe larvae.

  6. cancun Neh neh for pishies. Mah!