Friday 14 May 2010


Here’s a hint: get a skip. Fill it up. Bathe in the glow of righteousness.

You’re asking what this has to do with Lady Travellers, but actually there is a connection. Did you ever wonder what Lady Travellers do with all their things when they go travelling? If they’re lucky, their parents will let them store stuff in the attic.

But this Lady Traveller has a fear of being a thankless child (sharper than a serpent’s tooth), a KIPPER (kid in parents’ pockets, eroding retirement savings) or even a Salt Cod (Supposedly A Lady Traveller, Currently Only Daughterlivingathometakingupvaluablespace) so in return for storing my belongings, I promised my mother that I would arrange to have an attic clear out while I was here.

This could not have been achieved without the sterling assistance of my brother, who spent the day with me and the skip. Oh that skip: full of dollies with no arms, old school text books, broken suitcases, bits of old furniture. (We’re a very keeping family.)

And now, Mama, Cormac and I are still on a skip high. We feel cleansed. We feel lighter. We feel good, da nah nah nah nah nah nah. We feel - what's the word? Skippy. Take it away:

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  1. the problem with skippy was that he had no alcohol tied around his neck, so why bother calling him...