Friday 28 May 2010

Hints for Blending In

Yesterday I went out into the world in what I thought was my Work From Home uniform. I’ve been wearing some variation of the following almost every day since February: jeans (dark rinse, skinny – I was a late convert to these, now I love ‘em), gold shoes of the ballet flat variety (I always have a pair of gold shoes on the go) and a long-sleeved top. Yesterday’s was pink, filched from my little sister (hi LTLS!) ANYWAY, it turns out I was in disguise as a – wait for it – yummy mummy!

Gregory and I went to Imaginosity, the Children’s Museum in Dublin. We blended right in. Obviously the most important accessory was a small child (pictured above), but we were surrounded by women wearing skinny jeans, ballet shoes (several metallic pairs spotted) and long-sleeved tops. The only thing I was missing was a socking great diamond ring.

Gregory and I will submit a full review of the Museum next week. Until then, have a great weekend! I will be at a wedding in darkest Somerset where, I hope, the sun will be shining on the lovely Jess and Matt, the bride-and-groom-to-be. xxx

PS this is my 200th post! Whee!!


  1. I thought LTLS was working dawn to dusk skivvying for National Geographic. How come she managed to retaliate before the ink was even dry?