Tuesday 25 May 2010

Botanic Gardens

Last week, summer arrived all of a sudden. My adorable nephew GK and his mother also arrived. Happy times!

On Saturday we went to the Botanic Gardens which, aside from the Cemetery, are the big attraction in Glasnevin, where my parents live. As well as being beautiful, the gardens are free. (I mention this because I’ve never quite recovered from visiting Kew Gardens in London and having to pay £17 to get in – and I didn’t even want to visit the gardens, I wanted to go to Kew Palace.)

So here are Scenes From the Botanic Gardens on a Sunny Day, starring GK, Róisín, The Old Man in The Hat, The Crane and The Pretty Flowers.

And proof that Dublin Bikes should heed my request to put a bike stand outside the Botanic Gardens:

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