Thursday 27 May 2010

Please PLEASE Don’t Eat the Daisies

Oh, it’s more singalong with Eithne’s life, the soundtrack to which is strange and varied. I love the film of the same name Doris Day made with David Niven about life in the suburbs (David Niven is the husband who only comes back to the suburbs in the evenings for his martini.) I honestly can’t remember whether one of their children attempts to eat the daisies, but there is a scene where Day, playing a teeny-weeny guitar, leads a gang of kids skipping through the yard and singing the song.

Now, with the song planted in your brain, I’d like to share some photographs with you.

Gregory discovered the daisies on Sunday. (He was so excited he lost his pyjama bottoms.)

Róisin rediscovered the art of making daisy chains.

Do you love me? Love me a lot? You’ll prove it by lettin’ the daisies grow.

Someone must love us a lot.

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