Wednesday 12 May 2010

Le Road Trip

I won’t bother you with accounts of how I got from Dublin to Birmingham (to collect Lady Traveller’s Big Brother – LTBB), or how we got from Birmingham to Calais. First of all, the A55/M6/M1 route is really quite boring. Second of all, while I have carried out other activies (cooking, pushing a pram) while also attempting to take pictures, driving is not among them.

Anyway, from Calais we drove to Paris via Boulogne and Agincourt (see yesterday’s post), where I took this photo:

In Paris, LTBB packed and I cleaned the kitchen then took pictures of the car (in full glory, with Roscommon licence plate) on Rue Montorgueil:

Driving in big cities is a strange thrill. I suppose it’s because mostly I take public transport when I’m visiting a new city. But even in London, I always liked driving through the centre, past famous landmarks. Look! There's Buckingham Palace! The Empire State Building! (You really have to crane your neck for that one.) The Eiffel Tower! So Cormac drove and I took pictures.

Hotel de Ville:

At the Place d’Etoile:

The Arc de Triomphe:

Next stop, Giverny!

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