Thursday 21 January 2010

Stone Cream

Robbie and I spent a very entertaining morning looking through his Granny Molly’s recipe book. It dates from an era when aspic, rolled sandwiches and fricassees were popular.

This, though, beats them all:

R. particularly loves Stone Cream and so Toni said she would make it for supper.

How can I describe it? A pale grey, very liquid, wine-flavoured, creamy mousse. One of the strangest things I’ve ever eaten – and strangely delicious.


  1. Strange! But a wonderful name.
    I really like things made with proper gelatine, but sadly my stepdaughter is a strict vegetarian. Agar flakes are not as effective or nice.

  2. Pale Grey?!!! It's absolutely mauve!

  3. mauve it is - depending on the quality of the port! Mamaho agrees with Roho!!

  4. I stand corrected. Mauve, not pale grey!

  5. Is a Mamaho a bit like a Moominmama do we think?