Monday 25 January 2010

Marseille Part Deux

Today we will compare and contrast. In October, Roisin and I spent a golden day in Marseille, described here. That was an Indian Summer day, with crisp autumn-coloured leaves and sun warm enough for lunch outside.

Marseille in January is almost more beautiful. The light is amazing: clear, pure, bright.

Our trip in October was heavy on the cultural appreciation whereas this one was more focused on shopping appreciation. Oui, les soldes were in full swing. Well, actually, more like coming to an end meaning bargainous bargains were to be had.

We spent an hour or two walking the main shopping streets: shoes were bought (silver dancing shoes with a Cuban heel for Sally), boots were admired.

We went for lunch at Les Arsenaulx (again), but sat inside in the book-lined restaurant this time.

Erin ordered the soupe de poisson avec sa rouille et ses toasts and the rest of us looked on admiringly.

I had pork (again) and followed up with the café gourmand. This is a genius idea whereby you order a coffee and get one or two mini desserts with it. This time it was a coconut pannacotta with raspberry coulis. Num, num, num.

More cultural shopping experiences after lunch, including some successful purchases at Tara Jarmon, everyone’s new favourite shop. We also had a very fun browse in Hermes, thanks to the charming assistant who insisted he enjoyed nothing better than unfolding the scarves for us to see.

After that, we walked over to the old port. Twilight is something I missed in Africa – and this was a beautiful specimen:

We had an aperitif at a bar overlooking the harbour called La Caravelle,

and I took pictures in the mirror (it’s like a sickness with me) of Notre Dame de la Garde – the beautiful church high on the hills of Marseille, that Roisin and I cycled to in October.

J’aime bien Marseille en hiver.


  1. Just to say I am unbelievably jealous. Sounds like a gorgeous weekend!

  2. Je voudrais bien etre en Marseille too. Tres tres envious. C'est difficile d'etre alone in London dans le gris et le wet. Je suis triste.