Monday 9 November 2009


My hint today is to go and look at the TED website (see the links sidebar on the right or go to TED stands for technology, education, design and what they do is invite people with good ideas or interesting stories to come and give a short talk. The talks are all filmed and you can watch them on the website. It doesn’t sound that exciting, but they get some very cool people to give these talks.

The most recent one I watched was given by a graphic designer called Stefan Sagmeister whose subject was ‘The Power of Time Off’ – or why we should all take sabbaticals. Now, obviously I don’t need convincing, but it’s worth watching (though after a while the waxing lyrical on the delights of Bali gets a bit old). See it here. And really, check out TED. It’s not cuddly, but it is lovable.

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  1. Hi lovely! Loving your blog and hearing and seeing all that you're up to. Have a day off at home today - let me know if you're able to Skpye!

    Maria x