Friday 20 November 2009

I'm Not Dead

Hints to Lady Travellers is speechless. Literally. I have no voice today and I very nearly decided that this was a sign I shouldn’t post anything today (I’m also behind on writing having spent two days in bed staring at the ceiling)….

But I know some of you check this blog not simply because you enjoy reading my stories but also to make sure that I’m still posting them and therefore am probably still alive.

I haven’t had time to make up a placard that says I’m Not Dead, instead, here’s a photo taken of me last night by one housemate (Beate) with another housemate (Thabi).

This was shortly before I decided to take advantage of my new husky voice by singing Lili Marlene, chanteuse-style on the verandah. Yes, I realise I have only myself to blame.

Bon weekend!


  1. I'm delighted to know you are alive and drinking although the liquid has a suspicious hue. You may have bright sunshine but we have a clear sky and a new moon to cheer us up after yesterday's monsoon and Wednesday's disaster. In relation to your question as ato what's in the trees last week, could it be the Eiffel Shower alias villains of the week?

  2. Long time reader, first time caller.

    You entertain me!

    Read this and thought of you.


  3. I too have developed a husky voice, only Sara informs me I sound more like a knacker than Marlene Dietrich. Maybe it's because I've taken to saying 'Deadly Buzz' again. You should introduce it to South Africa...

  4. Thank you Daniel for kind words and link (I hadn't realised my ode to Rue Montorgueil was just one of many) and She-nonymous for suggestion of slang to introduce here. I'm not sure if I can get them saying Deadly Buzz AND savage before I leave, but I'll give it a go.