Monday 30 November 2009

Queen of Tarts

Don’t you just hate it when somebody else gets to your idea first? First there was Queen of Tarts in Dublin, with their truly excellent raspberry cheesecake. Now there’s Queen of Tarts in Cape Town – no relation. (At least I don’t think so.)


The vintage bakeware.

The books.

The stripes (stripes are a close second to spots in the hierarchy of Things Eithne Loves).

The French grey paint.

The candy-coloured kitchen equipment.

The chocolate tart.

The chocolate tarts are famous, and deservedly so. The shortcrust pastry is almost like shortbread and the filling is just the right balance of sweet/bitter with a hint of caramel in the topping.

The crumbs.

For any Cape Town-bound readers, Queen of Tarts can be found at 213 Lower Main Road, Observatory.

XXOO Eithne, Queen of the Dessert

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