Tuesday 10 November 2009


Usually what happens is that I do something, take pictures and then write about it in a post. Sometimes I want to write about something that I don’t have a specific photo for and then I either dig one out of my rapidly growing folder or I find something on t'interweb to fit. But every now and then the picture comes after I write the post, as though I've charmed it up from the ether.

So here’s the postscript to last week’s Quarterly Review. That post had a picture of Gregory, Pandagiotis and me because I couldn’t think of anything more apt. But now I have a picture to go with these words:

The only hint I really want to pass on is that the skill of being open to new things needs practice. If, like me, you have a constitutional aversion to new things let me assure you that the more you do it, the easier it gets. And the rewards are great.

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