Tuesday 24 November 2009

DIY Exhibition Design

In my pre-August 2009 experience of exhibition design this is how things usually worked:

I would have a random idea, suggest it to the designer, who would roll her eyes and explain patiently to me why my idea was impossible and gently suggest how it might work in the real world where ponies don’t have wings and fairies don’t build your exhibition in the night while you sleep. Then a team of other designers and fabricators would become involved to make the idea a reality.

Things are a little different now. On Thursday, as we looked at the exhibition space in Greatmore and talked about how to demarcate the work of the three artists, I suggested doing something with the floor. ‘Great!’ said Kate. ‘So I’ll leave that with you then.’

Which is how I ended up spending a day cutting stencils and spraying the floor. Well, I started spraying the floor but was doing such a bad job that Gary came in and showed me how it was done.

I did do a few more at the end though. 'Linda' is all my work.

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