Wednesday 19 October 2011

West With the Night

Hello possums.  Since I last checked in I left Australia and flew home to Ireland.  I wrote this post on Sunday night, somewhere in the air between Australia and Singapore ... maybe that accounts for its spaciness?  Also, flying makes me philosophical.

Reader, there are few things as odd, as disorientating, as flying from one end of the world to another, all in one go.

To stopover or not to stopover?  Having considered carefully, and done it both ways, my advice is: always on the way out, not so imperative on the way home.  At least you'll be home at the end of the journey, rather than having to find your way in a new place.

I'm writing this after staring for a while at the flight tracker on the screen in front of me.  The dark band that shows where in the world is night, and where day, is moving with the plane.  So we are, literally, travelling west with the night.  It's going to be a long night at that: since sunset (somewhere over Western Australia) I'll have to wait about 22 hours to see the sun again.

After that, I stopped writing and took photos out the window.

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