Saturday 1 October 2011

Australian Notes

It has been a busy, busy week.  Here is a random selection of things that have been happening over the past 48 hours.

* Yesterday, someone was spelling something out to me on the phone.  "'A' as in alpha.  'M' as in mother.  'U' as in ute."

* My taxi driver last night (who drove as if it were his first time behind a wheel) crashed into another car.  The driver of the other car - dressed in shorts and t-shirt in spite of the torrential rain - got out and started banging on the taxi angrily.  And through all shouting, the two drivers kept calling each other 'mate.'  Passive-aggression on a whole new level.

* The city is very quiet today because it is GRAND FINAL DAY.  Everyone is either at the Aussie rules final, watching the final at the pub or out of town trying to avoid wall-to-wall footy coverage.

* It is still raining (has been since Wednesday).  Australia likes to present itself to the rest of the world as hot and sunny but I am here to tell you that if you visit anywhere in New South Wales, Victoria or Tasmania between June and October, bring an umbrella and waterproof shoes.

xxx HTLT

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