Thursday 13 October 2011

Desert Island Discs

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The four people who regularly read this blog probably don't need this advice, but Hints to Lady Travellers has found GREAT consolation while be-colded in listening to Desert Island Discs podcasts from BBC Radio 4 online (thanks to my Little Sister who brought their availability to my attention).

I have often said that the British Institution I love most is BBC Radio 4 and it remains my belief that they have the best talkie radio in the world.  (Talkie radio is the phrase my tired brain came up with just now, I think I probably mean 'spoken word content').

Who, I wonder, came up with the idea for DID in the first place?

I know!  Let's have a show where participants tell us their life story via eight significant songs and then imagine they're marooned on a desert island from which there is NO ESCAPE but they can have the Bible, the complete works of Shakespeare, another book of their choice and any luxury up to and including a solar powered shower.

It's so beautifully British in being slightly bonkers and yet adhering to very precise rules.

The online archive is pretty extensive and provides much entertainment.  In the past week I've listened to George Clooney, Martin Sheen, David Tennant (v. charming), Cath Kidston (surprisingly moving), Sandie Shaw and Andrew Davies.

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