Friday 28 October 2011

Quarterly Review: October 2011

Oopsie.  I didn’t mean for a week to pass without blogging, but HTLT has been busy, moving into her new house (houselet)!

When I started Hints to Lady Travellers, I planned to do a Quarterly Review, looking back at where I’d been and forward to where I was going.  Since the last one was in November 2009, this is a bit overdue.

So, let’s see.  Since leaving my job (+friends +flat +stuff) in London in the summer of 2009, I have been feeling my way towards a new lifestyle.  This is one where I can take on interesting museum projects (a bonus if they’re in interesting places) and still have time and energy for other projects like this here blog.  I want to have a base – a place to unpack my stuff! – where I can recharge and, knowing that I have a base, have the freedom to go off on lots of adventures.  Somewhat to my own surprise, what started off as a dream is becoming a reality.  I have just moved into a little home in my home town (Dublin) and some interesting projects further afield to remind me that there’s life and adventure beyond this island.

Where does Hints to Lady Travellers fit in with this new lifestyle?  I’m glad you asked.

Faithful followers of HTLT will have noticed that the frequency of blogging has swung from the very dedicated (2009/10) to the very intermittent (end of 2010, first eight months of 2011), in direct correlation to how busy other projects have kept me.  There have been several occasions when I was ready to shut down HTLT but never could quite bring myself to do it. 

Two years in (yes, HTLT passed the two year mark a few weeks ago) and I feel like I may be getting the balance right.  I can’t promise a post every single day, but I can promise to post several times a week.  Going back to my roots, there will be more hints (+ tips + reviews +general travel advice), as well as my continuing observations on being a Lady Traveller, at home and abroad.

HONEST, truly,

Your faithful correspondent,


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