Wednesday 5 October 2011

Breakfast Crumble

Dessert for breakfast.  Good thing?  Bad thing?  You decide. 

On Saturday morning I went for breakfast at Mitte.  I like to think of Mitte as a German-Australian café – though I’m basing this only on the name being the German word for middle and it’s entirely likely that Mitte is someone’s nickname and I’ve overinterpreted again like when I thought Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time was about the cycle of abuse.

Questionable Germanness aside, Mitte does very good coffee, good omelettes, excellent spicy meatballs.  It is also somewhat famous for its breakfast crumble (for example).  Obviously I needed to put it to the test. 

The concept of breakfast crumble appeals to me.  I envisage a slightly tart compote (maybe a little honey to sweeten) with a crumble topping that is more granola-like and less sugary than usual. 
What I actually got was a regular dessert-style fruit crumble.  With cream on the side.  It was sweet to the point of toothache and while I choked most of it down (let’s be serious now, I wasn’t going to send it back) I was a wee bit disappointed.

Still, I think that the concept has much to recommend it and I’m going to do some experimenting of my own.  I’ll keep you posted… and crumble disappointment aside, Mitte is well worth a visit.

Mitte, 76 Michael St, North Fitzroy, Melbourne

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