Thursday 14 October 2010

Official Treats Day

And lo, these many long years, I have observed Official Hints Day, and saw that it was good. (Okay, sure, I’ve been a bit slack recently, but I did provide a hint yesterday, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?) And so, in recognition of having walked 240km and broken my feet, I decided that today was going to be Official Treats Day. It’s a good day.

So I:

Slept in until 9am. (The point was not to set the alarm.)

Had breakfast reading Jilly Cooper. (Jump! – excellent, lots of horses, Rupert Campbell-Black, puns etc)

Got a taxi to Georgie’s to drop off some things she lent me for the hike.

Picked up four parcels. (Thank you parcel senders!)

Had pizza for lunch. (With artichokes, yummy.)

Had a bomba for dessert. (Róisín said she missed pictures of cake.)

Why yes, that is a family sized dollop of apricot jam.

Drank three coffees. (No coffee in the wilderness.)

Did some retail therapy and scored a very cute pair of Stella McCartney runners at the Adidas outlet shop. (One day soon I’m going to post about the amazing outlet shops in Melbourne.)

Sorted through many, many photos from the hike. (It’s a work in progress.)

And when I’ve posted this I’m going to have steak with broccolini from the market and a big glass of red wine.

I think I might hold the hike stories until next week, but since I promised, here are a couple of photos in the meantime.

Boxing kangaroos:

And me with my feet in a bag of ice:

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  1. I want pictures of monotremes, and I want them NOW!