Wednesday 27 October 2010

Hike Day 7 - Island Bend to Perisher

Next to last day and, as walks go, not the most exciting.
(Not the least exciting, by any means, but I think some of the scenery and experiences of previous days had spoilt me.)

We were ferried to the start point – click, click, click for some Day 7 photos.

The first 8km were along the road. Along the road and up a long hill (a ‘pesky’ hill, tm Simon Lewis) we went. We had great views of the mountains and the Snowy River, but I guess it’s always less fun walking on road, as opposed to on a track.

We had a short break for morning tea then more uphill – but this time with more interesting scenery - and signs of a wombat hike:

We took the road for Smiggins Holes (a few people commented that it sounded like a place in The Hobbit) – much more like it. There was snow!

Dramatic mountain views! Best of all, no cars. We had our lunch with a great view, though it turned out to be a very ant-y spot.

Onwards, upwards. Smiggins Holes was a ghost town. It’s a ski resort, but empty now that the ski season is over. Ski resorts are, by their nature, much better looking under snow – which hides a multitude of ugly building sins.

From Smiggins Holes it was just a few kms to Perisher. And very dull they were, along the main road, with snow-bitten, bleached khaki landscape. Lots of crows adding a sinister atmosphere. (Plus: Perisher. Not a very inviting name, is it?) We had high hopes of finding a happening ski resort, but were disappointed on arrival to see the Perisher wasn’t much more alive that Smiggins Holes.

I was just glad to have made it through seven days relatively unscathed. One more day to go!

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