Wednesday 20 October 2010

Hike Day 2 - Tharwa to Caloola Farm

This was an easier day. 19km along, first, road and then farm track. The only hazard on the first stretch (the Naas Road!) was the pick up trucks hurtling towards us at full speed.

We made good time and had our picnic lunch by a bridge. This would have been very picturesque, but as soon as we sat down it started to rain. Also, the much-anticipated flask of tea from our fearless leader failed to materialise.

In the afternoon (legs beginning to hurt now) we plodded along a farm road. The scenery was beautiful – an Australian pastoral scene, with the red dirt road (made redder by rain), lush grass and lots of cows.

Unfortunately, lots of rain too, though some sun in between to help us dry. My quick-drying trousers proved to be truly quick-drying. James (of James and Jo the Super Support Crew) turned up in his car with takeaway containers of tea. He was EXTREMELY popular as a result.

We reached the farm (our destination) mid-afternoon and dried out by the fire for a while. Then we went down to the campground (basic, toilet was a very smelly long drop…) where our tents were pitched by a rondavel with a fireplace adjacent to it.

Dinner was a barbecue, then we had mugs of tea round the campfire.

Early to bed (to tent?) but not much sleep because of the loudest frogs in the history of the world. Ever.

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