Monday 5 November 2012

Shoes, Ships, Sealing Wax & Other Savouries

Well hello there.  So, on Friday of the week before last I was, literally, in the middle of writing a blog post when the phone rang.  (No, this is not the post where I tell you that HTLT has been optioned and will be turned into a movie.  Sorry 'bout dat.)  And the phone kept ringing all day.

One of the calls was to say I had a new nephew: number four in the series entitled Adorable Nephews.  The first order of business today is, therefore, to say welcome to Cian and a big huzzah to his mama for her hard work and to Conor and Cormac for all the support.

Most of the other phone calls were of the Urgent Work That Has to be Completed Right Now variety and between them and actually doing the Urgent Work, my poor blog was well and truly abandoned last week.  Sorry blog.

This post is to explain my absence, bid you welcome to November, link to this piece I wrote about Sidney Nolan's Ned Kelly paintings and promise that I will return soon (tomorrow even!)

xxx HTLT

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