Monday 26 November 2012


About, oh, twenty years ago I got the idea that it would be rather lovely to plant paperwhite narcissi in time for Christmas.  And it would have been, except I never ever managed to do it.  Over the years, planting paperwhites became a symbol of plans not carried through, roads not taken etc etc.  So much symbolic significance did this acquire that I actually put 'plant paperwhites in time for Christmas' as an item on my Life List.

Earlier this year I bought some paperwhite bulbs on a whim.  I planted them and was pleasantly surprised when this happened:

And then, wonder of wonders, on Saturday, I did this:

Those, my dears, are planted paperwhite bulbs.  Sshhh, they're sleeping.  But they'll be awake soon.

68. Plant paperwhites in time for Christmas

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