Thursday 29 November 2012

Lady Traveller & Limerick

That's AND Limerick, not in Limerick.  Last weekend I was in Oxford, visiting Lady Traveller's Little Sister.  We went for a walk through Christchurch Meadows (one of my top hints for anyone visiting Oxford) and LTLS took this photo of me, with Christchurch and a few dozen tourists behind.

Then we went to the Ashmolean to see the special birthday-celebration exhibition in honour of Edward Lear.  We were invited to compose Limericks, so we did:

There was a young lady of Stroud,
Who walked about under a cloud.
Her manner was doom-y,
Her countenance gloomy,
That miserable lady of Stroud.

You can see why I became a Lady Traveller and not a Lady Artist, nor yet a Lady Limerick-writer.

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