Thursday 15 November 2012

Providence or, Stocking the Fridge

“Without any cant, does not Providence provide wonderfully for us?”

Isabel Burton
I was racking my brains to think of a post today: I've temporarily traded in my bedtime travel reading for bedtime reading in French (a couple of chapters and I'm half way to sleep).  But this week I've been thinking about preparations, not just for travelling, but for coming home again.

Isabel Burton, she of the quotation above, wife of the famous explorer Sir Richard Burton, one of these days to be the subject of a LONG post (her, not him), applied her mind to the practicalities of travel.  Her husband was free to adventure because she took care of the mundane, but vital, considerations - where to sleep, what to eat, what to pack and so on.

In this spirit, my new resolve is to ensure that my freezer is always stocked with bread and coffee and at least one meal that can be quickly defrosted and reheated.  This is to avoid the sad fate that too often affects me: arriving late (or early) from a flight and discovering the cupboard is bare.

What we call providence, I find, often comes back to preparation.

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