Tuesday 8 May 2012

Swooning Lady Traveller

Image via Vintage Printable
That delightful object is a fainting couch.  I have felt somewhat in need of one this past week (invent a portable version someone).  I have been hit hard, HARD, my doves, by the jet lag this trip.  

Since arriving in Australia on Friday morning I seem to have spent all my time asleep, trying to get to sleep or trying not to fall asleep.  One night I slept 15 hours (= two nights' sleep = disaster).  The next night I slept 0 hours (= no night's sleep = catastrophe).  

I've realised (or remembered - I think I did figure this out before) that going abruptly from summer to winter is the hardest because of the lack of daylight at your destination.

However, today is bright and sunny and I feel like I'm emerging from the fog that's enshrouded me.  More soon.

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