Tuesday 6 September 2011

Singapore Stopover

Good: The palm trees, the flowers, the people on their way to work sitting six to a converted trailer, the Singapore skyline ... all the things I saw from the taxi on my way from the airport to the hotel.

Bad: Not being able to go straight to bed when I arrived at my hotel, because the room wasn't ready.

Good: Finally getting into bed and lying flat for the first time in 24 hours in super soft cotton sheets.

Bad: Despite best intentions, lack of sleep ruling out much of the sightseeing I had intended to do.  (It's hard to see sights when you can't walk straight.)

Good: The queue to get into H&M, which opened on Saturday in Singapore.  Good because I wasn't in the queue and the signs were amusing.

Bad: Struggling to find Chocolate Research Facility, the one shop (among the thousands on Orchard Rd) I really wanted to visit.

Good: Finding it.  Mmm.

Bad: The humidity (I worried my chocolate purchases would suffer).

Good: The beauty and cool (coolth?) of the Botanic Gardens.

Bad: The sign for 'internal organs' on the menu that put me off dinner.

Good: The gin fizz I had instead in the rooftop bar of the hotel.

Bad: The in-room muzak with non-stop Michael BublĂ© that I couldn't work out how to mute.  (Finally discovered the volume control at 3am).

I really wish I had had more time in Singapore - I suspect that there's a lot more to discover but everytime I've been, the jet lag has just wiped me out.  One of these days.

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